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Paddy Power is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online bookmakers offering a large variety of websites specializing in different online gaming options; has consistently improved and expanded its online presence to include websites and mobile apps offering customers access to their online accounts from any internet ready device.

Paddy Power has a long history in gambling as the company was formed following the merger of three Irish bookmakers in 1988; the company maintains physical stores in the U.K. and Ireland that position the company in the top three bookmakers in the U.K. The online bookmaker has increased its worldwide operations to include operations in France and Australia.

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Upon establishing its online gaming site has been at the forefront of offering its customers bonuses and specials to increase the overall experience of their website. Paddy Power, for example was one of the first online gaming sites to offer customers money back specials that refund the stake made by customers in the event of a victory for a specific team or competitor. Always trying to place their customers enjoyment in prime possition throughout the process of placing bets Paddy Power operated an online vote amongst customers to determine which money back special would be offered for the 2011 Champions League Final.

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When placing bets with on the website the process is made easy by the offering of an online betting slip that gives potential returns details and an up to date account balance. Betslips can either be printed or the information of placed bets stored for future reference; gambling options are available through Paddy Power on sports around the world, including football, American college football, baseball, cricket and international events. More specialized bets are also offered on the world of politics and current affairs that include the victor in elections and the date elections will be held.

Members of Paddy Power’s online betting site are offered a large number of options regarding the use of other Paddy power games, such as the online poker and bingo games. Members are also provided with acccess to the newly opened Paddy Power online casino. Like many other gaming sites Paddy Power offer new members bonuses for joining the site and a large number of special bets that will be refunded if the customer loses the bet.

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